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Tanka Rai

climbing \ trekking Guide

Mr. Tanka is 30 years old, He is from Solu-Khumbu Nepal. he is working with highvisionadventuretrek.com- since his starting time he has 10 years Experience in the tourism field. He has a Don Advance climbing course and he has a summit of more than 10 peaks with the Clint's.he is a senior and good Knowledgeable Gov license holder trekking Guide as well.


M D.

Buddhi is 35 years old, he Born inland of the Himalayas, mt Everest Region. He has been working in this industry for 18 years, he started work as a porter, Assistant Guide, Ass cook, trekking Cook trekking guide, in Nepal Tibet, India, and climbing guide, licenses by Gov. Buddhi had been visiting several European countries as well, Now he started as Director of Highvisionadventuretrek.com - Buddhi is connecting the birthplace of Gautam Buddha and the land of Nepal Top of the world mt Everest, with world's people since his Beginning as a non paid Ambassador, this tourism industry is one part of his life, he has gained a lot of Experience during his filed working time. Now he has started to share his experience with his team.

Tilak Rai ( jone)

Trekking guide,

Tilak Rai is 30 years Old, He Born in the Solu Khumbu Everest region he is a senior Guide and trekking cook, in this Highvisionadventure trek. he has 9 years experience in the trekking field and he is Giv trekking guide license holder. and he has completed Aid training, keep training he is a malty knowledgeable guide. he has guided the tourist in Nepal, Tibet, and India as well. he is one of the best Guides in this company.


M D.

company leader.